Zoe Heriot (Wendy Padbury)

Highly intelligent Zoe is almost a mental rival of the Doctor: she believes that the Doctor is not quite as intelligent as she is! She is certainly more adept at dealing with computers than he is and deserves her space station rank of astrophysicist and astrometricist first class. Computers seem almost like toys to her, owing to her ability to quickly work out programs in her head; primative ones, such as those of 20th century Earth, simply infuriate her.

Zoe is the product of the Earth of the early 21st century. She is coolly confident in her own abilities and sceptical of even the Doctor's attempts at coping with technology. Her mental powers are phenomenally advanced and are demonstrated by her power of total recall. Zoe is keen to learn about items and processes she has not come across, and will ask pertinent, searching questions to further her knowledge.

Despite her small, childlike frame and features, Zoe is tough and quite able to defend herself. In The Mind Robber she bested fictional comic superhero the Karkus in combat through use of self-defence. At the same time she can quite terrified of the unknown or of hostile or dangerous creatures.

Her round, smooth-skinned face is set off by penetrating brown eyes that are usually emphasized by heavy, dark make-up. Thick, straight black hair forced up and back by a narrow headband falls forward to frame her face. Zoe wears futuristic clothing, such as a dark, sparkly Emma Peel catsuit and white, pointed ankle-boots, or black plastic miniskirt and short-sleeved jacket, both edged with broad, pink scallops, and black plastic boots.

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