Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling)

Victoria is the daughter of the Victorian scientist Professor Edward Waterfield. When he is killed by the Daleks she joins the Doctor in his adventures through time and space. She is a small girl in her late teens, and her upbringing means she is modest in behaviour and dress.

In her initial travels with the Doctor, Victoria wears a full Victorian dress as appropriate to her standing. This comprises a dress with several layers of petticoats and formidable constricting undergarments. Such an outfit, however, is too bulky to allow the Doctor free movement in the TARDIS's control room, and so Victoria has been persuaded to overcome her timidity and wear more practical clothes: she typically wears a knee-length skirt - quite shocking for a generation of women not used to revealing even their ankles - or walking clothes of britches, jacket, long socks and sturdy boots. She has a round face, blue eyes, and mid-length dark hair.

Travelling with the Doctor is gradually changing Victoria's outlook and making her less shockable and much bolder. She is a demure young lady, however, and tends to faint at horrifying sights or to scream in terror.

Jamie McCrimmon, a fellow traveller, is someone she can understand: he comes from a slightly more primitive time than she does, but much of what he knows is familiar. She tends to tease him to get him to do things he might ordinarily balk at. In return, he reassures her and acts protectively towards her.

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