Liz Shaw (Caroline John)

Liz Shaw is an attractive, clever scientist who frequently proves she is more than a pretty face. She undertook research at Cambridge University and has degrees in medicine, physics and a number of other subjects. Her speciality, however, is metorites.

Originally called in by UNIT during the first Nestene invasion, she stayed on as the Doctor's assistant. Together, she and the Doctor make a formidable research team, the one making up for the shortcomings of the other. Liz becomes quite serious and intense when she has a scientific problem to unravel. Her brilliance is sometimes overshadowed by the Doctor's own genius.

Liz has a wry sense of humor and appreciates the Doctor's irreverent and lighthearted approach to UNIT affairs. She is quick-witted and will make the most of any opportunity presented to her. Because she is strong-minded, she seldom takes orders: She usually has to be convinced to the necessity of doing something before taking action.

Fair hair, green-brown eyes and sharp-featured face would make anyone stand out in the scientific community, but Liz also has a tendency to wear outrageously fashionable clothes. Her favorite colors appear to pink, cream and brown and she tends to wear pink or cream-colored miniskirted dresses. Her outfits are rounded off by knee-length white boots, a black voluminous short coat for outside wear, and a white, floppy-brimmed hat.

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