Captain Yates (Richard Franklin)

As a captain in the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT), Mike Yates presents a dashing figure. He is a typical young army officer: bright, well spoken and charming, with an ability to get on well with his men and his senior officers. By nature he is restless and does not like sitting around doing nothing when something should clearly be done.

For all his loyalty and his experience, however, Yates is a little unnerved by the frequent encounters that UNIT has with aliens and he lacks the steadiness of mind that the Brigadier and Benton demonstrate in such confrontations. He will get the job done competently and conscientiously, but he is best in a support role or when leading men against other men. Yates tends to be chauvinistic and is reluctant to let the Doctor's female companions imperil themselves.

He is a stickler for form exept when he is off duty or on undercover assignments. Left to his own devices he can cope with most situations, although he seems to lack the imagination and foresight that would make him a brilliant officer: Yates is usually at least one step behind the Brigadier when it comes to planning. He is an able second who benefits most from working under a strong, capable leader.

Yates is slimly built, with a narrow, handsome face, blue eyes and short, mid-brown hair. He is invariably in full captain's unform because of his extensive office role at UNIT headquarters.

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