Jo Grant (Katie Manning)

Poor Jo always tries to help the Doctor, often with the best of intentions, but invariably hinders him or disrupts his experiments. She is slightly scatterbrained and decidedly accident prone, but her irrational or clumsy actions have a habit of working out for the best.

It is sometimes hard for observers to believe that petite, attractive Jo is a fully trained UNIT agent. Although her placement is because of family influence, she is quite competent in some areas, and is eager to show that she can be of use when one of her specialities is needed.

Jo has a lovable, appealing nature that often enables her to get people to co-operate with her rather than being obstructive. She is ideal for wheedling supplies out of hardened quartermasters and the like. Jo, quite simply is a sweetie.

UNIT's headquarters is considerably brightened by Jo's presence. She wears fashionable clothes from the early 1970's: bright colored, baggy paisley or flower-patterned blouses with large, rounded collars, miniskirts or crisply pressed flares and clumpy platform-soled boots. Jo also tends to wear chokers. Most noticeably, however, she wears one or more rings on each of her fingers - a gaudy selection of chunky jewellry.

Jo has mid-length to long straight fair hair, blue-grey eyes and a cheerful, pleasently attractive face.

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