Sergeant Benton (John Levene)

Benton is a charismatic, well-intentioned and honest sergeant of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) and is assigned to Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart's immediate staff. He is a dependable character with a strong liking for the Doctor and his travelling companions, with whom he sympathizes when the Doctor demonstrates the impossible side of his nature. Benton's trust in the Doctor even extends to allowing the Time Lord to escape from his custody.

As a UNIT sergeant, Benton often ends up obtaining equipment for the Doctor's experiments and devices or running mundane errands for Captain Yates or the Brigadier. Although he often accepts these tasks stoically, he would rather be part of the action. He is a capable tactical leader and an accurate shot: only the invulnerability of aliens to gunfire make his assignments impossible. Threatening Benton with a gun is a dangerous pursuit: if an opportunity arises, Benton will jump his captor.

Benton suffers from poor luck - people or objects he is supposed to be watching often disappear or go missing - which is sometimes mistaken for incompetence. Benton is "one of the blokes" at heart and is sometimes distracted by the desires of his stomach for food! His likeable, good humored nature means he gets on well with the troops and low-ranking officers alike.

It has taken only a few adventures with the Doctor to make Benton believe almost anything is possible: although Benton might not understand the Doctor's scientific explanations, he is prepared to accept what the Doctor says is true.

Solidly built, Benton has a squarish face, blue eyes and mid-brown short hair. He dresses in either a khaki uniform or combat fatigues, complete with a light, sand-colored UNIT beret.

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