Vicki (Maureen O'Brien)

Vicki is an orphaned colonist from Earth in the 25th century. Her spaceship crashed on the planet Dido, from which she was rescued by the Doctor, Ian and Barbara. She is bright but seemingly innocent, and easily terrified by alien monsters. Her youth and naivety means that she is easily taken in by other people, and will often accept people for what they say they are.

Because she is so young, she lacks the determination to apply herself to problems to which the solution is not appearent and will give up easily if she seems to be getting nowhere. She lacks patience, too, to let other people get on with a task, and will become sulky or even wander off to find something else to do, landing herself in trouble.

Vicki is a quite likeable young girl on the whole and gets on well with fellow companions Ian and Barbara: Barbara's mothering instinct is strong when Vicki is around. The Doctor's best opinion of her would be as a foolish child, although he would be concerned if she went missing. Vicki has one great weakness: she is absolutely terrified of heights.

Despite her weakness and childish behavior, Vicki is quite resourceful and can cope with surviving on her own: in The Chase she even sneaked aboard a Dalek time machine so that she had a chance to join the Doctor after they were separated.

Vicki has a youthful, roundish face and mid-lenght fair hair that she sometimes wears in twin pony tails. She typically wears a simple dress with diamond-shaped piping at the hems and collar: the material is dirt repellant and non-creasing and does not need cleaning. At times, however, she does borrow from the TARDIS's wardrobe, and has even dressed as a medieval page boy during an adventure.

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