Steven Taylor (Peter Purves)

Steven Taylor is an adaptable, resourceful but not always inspired spaceship pilot for whom direct action seems to be the best course. His rashness is tempered only by the extremes of the situaltion, for example, if he has no one to back him up, or by the intelligent reasoning of a companion such as Vicki or the Doctor. On the planet Mechanus, Steven irrationally rushed back to save his panda mascot, an action that could have cost him his life.

He is something of a sceptic and tends only to to believe in that which he can confirm himself. Steven rarely takes anyone's statement at face value. He is almost smug when he has information that no one else has discovered or worked out.

His habit of calling the Doctor "Doc" irritates the Time Lord, who snaps rejoinders for Steven to call him by the proper name. This seems to have no effect on Steven, whose easy-going, self-confident nature seems impervious to criticism. Such an attitude makes Steven seem blunt and tactless, although any slights are usually unintentional. Steven is strong-minded enough to make diliberate insults to a person's face. His self-confidence often does not make up for a lack of foresight in planning or poor timing.

A handsome man, Steven has strong features and neatly coiffured light brown hair. He is dependent on the TARDIS's wardrobe for clothes because his space fatigues were badly torn and dirtied after two years' imprisonment on the planet Mechanus. Whatever he picks is slightly unfashionable, such as a stiff-looking fawn corduroy suit, or ers on the side of tastelessness, such as a brown, cream and orange striped turtleneck top and brown slacks.

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