Dodo (Jackie Lane)

Cheerful 1960's London schoolgirl Dodo treats adventuring with the Doctor as one big game. She frolics through time and space with complete faith that the Doctor knows what he is doing and can get his companions out of trouble. Her almost ceaseless optimism can be irritating, especially to the Doctor when it is time to be serious.

Despite her startling adventures, Dodo maintains her childlike qualities. She is easily scared by the unknown, yet will defiantly face adverse situations with a British determination to play things by the rules right until the end. Her naivety means she is easily duped: it would take only a pretence of being injured for an enemy to convince Dodo to drop her guard.

Her youthful imuplsiveness is quite likely to send her off in completely different directions from those of her companions, even if there is a common aim. Yet she acts as a welcome check on the hasty, ill-considered actions of Steven Taylor and often prevents him from doing something foolish.

Dodo has a roundish, smiling face, hazel eyes and short, neatly cut black hair. She has a distinctive, rough London accent which makes her laugh seem rather throaty at times.

She makes extensive use of the TARDIS's wardrobe. Perhaps Dodo's most striking choice of clothes is a sleeveless, low-cut bright red top with a central, thick black ring and a short black skirt decorated with many bright red rings that she wore in the Celestial Toymaker's realm. The outfit was topped off with a floppy red peaked cap. Dodo typically wears sensible flat black shoes.

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