Ian Chesterton (William Russell)

Ian is a forthright teacher who frequently questions the motives and actions of the Doctor. He acts nobly and defensively to help his friends and travelling companions. These qualities and his bravery do justice to his title of Sir Ian of Jaffa, awarded to him by King Richard I of England at the time of the Crusades. Ian, however, is quietly heroic: he might boast of his exploits only after an adventure has ended.

He is fond of the Doctor, but the Time Lord's superior attitude and constant testing irrate him and can lead to arguments and a very strained atmosphere. The Doctor effectively inhibits Ian's resourceful and inventive nature and arguments are often only prevented by the intervention of fellow companions, particularly Barbara. Although Ian is hot tempered, he rarely loses sight of his logic in an argument.

Ian has adjusted well to time travel and finds the exploration of new worlds is stimulating. His meeting with people from other worlds and times reveal that he has a ready wit; his quick thinking is a constant help when negotiating with other people.

He usually wears a neat suite with shirt and tie, but is ready to adapt to his environment and wear period clothes. Such dressing up brings out the dandyish side of his nature: he will often ask female companions what they think of his outfit. Ian has a handsome, likeable face, green eyes and short neatly cut brown hair.

He is close to fellow schoolteacher Barbara Wright, although their relationship has developed only during their travels with the Doctor. Outwardly an observer might notice only that they were good friends.

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