Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford)

Apparently the Doctor's granddaughter, Susan (sometimes called Susan Foreman after the owner of the yard in which TARDIS was parked) is a young Time Lord who fled Gallifrey with the Doctor in the TARDIS he borrowed. In human reckoning she looks to be about fifteen years old, although her eyes betray a knowledge far greater than that of the Earth school girl she resembles. Her dark eyes, framed by her arched black eyebrows and shock of unruly black hair, have a distant, slightly disturbing look about them.

Even for a Time Lord, however, Susan is too young to know much about the universe. She is brilliant at some subjects, yet shows a shocking ignorance in others. Her immaturity sometimes shows when she behaves childishly or selfishly, and her impulsiveness can sometimes lead to misfortune.

Her affection for the Doctor is strong and she becomes quite concerned if he goes missing. Generally, however, she is a bright and cheerful woman. When she is not unbalanced by fear or a sense of panic, Susan is resourceful and inventive, and often displays a good sense of initiative when opportunities present themselves. Like the Doctor, she is an improviser; Susan rarely has a clear plan of action.

Susan usually wears narrow slacks, flat shoes and an assortment of plain or striped tops. For forays outside the TARDIS she has a short, high-collared Sheepskin jacket: she rarely wears appropriate clothing for the conditions she must face, thereby bringing hardship on herself and forcing her companions to help her.

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