Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart (Nicholas Courtney)

Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart is head of the UK section of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT), an independent, worldwide intelligence group that monitors and investigates alien treats. Technically he reports direct to UNIT's main base in Geneva, but often finds himself subject to the rules of the nationalistic British government which does not appreciate his global priorities. The Brigadier resents higher authorities obstructing his investigations and is not afraid to say so or to take action against them.

The Brigadier is an exeptionally competent army officer with an ability to adapt quickly and make the most of the resources available to him. He devises clear, sensible plans of action but is overfond of using military force to beat off aliens even if they appear to be bullet resistant. Lethbridge Stewart is a classic example of the officer who leads his men from the front and who would not ask them to do anything he would not do. He is courageous but not foolish. The Brigadier becomes snappy and abrupt with men who fail to accomplish their tasks.

His practical, down-to-earth nature means that he understands little of the Doctor's scientific mumbo-jumbo, although he greatly realizes the Time Lord's usefulness. If it is inexplicable and alien, the Doctor is the man that the Brigadier wants on the job regardless of what government officials say.

In spite of regular confrontations with the unbelievable, The Brigadier is still sceptical about the Doctor and space-time travel. He will often come up with another, plausible reason even if it is wrong and the alien landscape in front of him does turn out to be somewhere other than Cromer. The Brigadier is slightly chauvinistic and will not allow the Doctor's young female companions to put themselves in danger.

Lethbridge Stewart has a handsome, angular face, short black hair, a neatly trimmed black moustache and hazel eyes. He variously wears full officer's uniform or combat fatigues depending on the nature of his assignment. As an officer, he rarely drives himself anywhere; he is usually accompanied by a driver or pilot. The Brigadier favors using an old-fashioned Webley pistol as his sidearm.

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