Doctor Who
The Seventh Doctor
(Sylvester McCoy)
1987 until 1990
FOX Telefilm of 1996
"Nonsense! Time for a quick adventure, then back for tea."
The Doctor wears a long, dark brown jacket, brown check trousers and a white shirt, around the collar of which is a green, red and cream paisley silk tie. His short scarf and the large handkerchief that dangles precariously out of one jacket pocket are made of the same silk. A woollen pullover in the same colours, decorated with red question marks, a straw hat with a narrow upturned brim, and a black umbrella with a handle in the form of a large red question mark complete his outfit. His comical, round face has a forehead that is furrowed by the wrinkles of cosmic worry; he has blue eyes and short, curly black hair.

Although the seventh Doctor looks like a music hall entertainer, his comical appearance disguises an in-depth knowledge of the nature of the universe. It is as if this incarnation has lost areas of memory restored to him, vital information and plots that he must follow up to win the game of chess against evil played on the board of the universe. He is a great schemer whose plans are woven in time and space.

Mysterious by nature, the Doctor seldom reveals much of his plans to his friends and allies: either there is too much at stake that he forgets to tell them, or they just would not understand. He uses his companions as tools against his foes, a trait that seemingly betrays their trust in him. Yet he would never intentionally harm his friends and acts for their best interests. Indeed, he seems to take on the role of teacher, educating his proteges and increasing their awareness of the nature of the universe. He needs his companions partly to share his burden.

The Doctor bluffs his way into the friendship and trust of others in order to determine what is going on, an approach that is helped by his likeable and easygoing nature and an ability to adapt quickly to local customs. He hates authority and if his insistence on action fails to bring results, he becomes abrupt and abrasive. In spite of his foresight and planning, the Doctor tends to underestimate his opponents, although he usually has a back-up scheme.

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