Doctor Who
The Sixth Doctor
(Colin Baker)
1984 until 1986
"What ever else happens, I am the Doctor, whether you like it or not!"
The garish, brightly coloured clothes that the sixth incarnation of the Doctor wears reveal much about his personality. His red and green particoloured coat is trimmed with both pink and tartan cloth, making him look like a time-travelling jester; he also wears a check waistcoat, yellow and black striped trousers and orange spats over green shoes. A blue ribbon-like cravat with white polka-dots is worn round the collar of a white shirt. A cat badge worn on his left lapel completes his eyecatchng and stomach-twisting ensemble.

Unsurprisingly, the Doctor has a brash, abrasive personality. He is a supreme egotist: he loves the sound of his loud, resounding voice and has incredible confidence in his own abilities. The Doctor likes to sing while he works; his favourite song is On With The Motley. His temperament is somewhat erratic and changes quickly and violently. Such changing moods make him appear unstable to his companions, but to him it is a sign only of genius. He can be unbearable if he is correct, becoming smug, or if he is wrong, in which case he sulks.

The Doctor is undoubtedly a great warrior of words: debates and arguments excite him and he is a great orator. He is prone to pontification, however, and cannot keep quiet while the other person has his say. The Doctor will interrupt an opponent with childish outbursts and rude remarks. His theatrical temperament permits only him to be the centre of attention. Fond of his own cleverness, the Doctor can be unintentionally rude in pointing out the mistakes or stupidity of others.

Words are not the Doctor's only weapon. He is quite able to act quickly and ruthlessly to overcome an attacker, and although he shares his predecessors' dislike of killing, he is quite prepared to shoot if needs be. His actions, however, are often showy. and unnecessarily elaborate. The Doctor is quite pleased with his ability to do the unexpected.

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