Romana II
(Lalla Ward)

Princess Astra of the planet Atrios provided the model for Romana's second incarnation as a Time Lady, a regeneration she went through on a whim rather than out of necessity. The change has brough out a lighter, more frivolous side of Romana's nature, making her nearer to the Doctor in temperament. She frequently demonstrates girlish impulses: she loves to dressup and frequently changes he costume.

In spite of the change, however, she has retained her intelligence and scientific interests and abilities. She will happily disobey the Doctor to pursue her own line of investigation, especially when she believes she exels in a topic that the Doctor is weak on. Romana is beginning to realize her full scientific potential because of the experience she receives from each new adventure. Her travels have made her more independent and she dislikes the idea of having to return to Gallifrey and the stifling society of the Time Lords.

Romana tends to analyse and work on problems quickly rather than discussing them and co-operates rather than conflicts with the Doctor's approach to them. She is still worried, however, about his tendency to make rash decisions and becomes indignant when the Doctor blames his mistakes on her.

Her round, smiling face and impish blue eyes make Romana more approachable in her second incarnation. She has long, straight fair hair. Although she constantly changes her clothing, she wears more practical apparal. Among her outfits have been a pink parody of the Doctor's clothes, including a long white scarf, a school girl's outfit, and a sailor's outfit with a straw boater.

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