Romana I
(Mary Tamm)

Regal looking Romanadvoratrelundar - the Doctor calls her Romana - is a young, intelligent Time Lady who is assigned to the Doctor to help him find the segments of the Key to Time. She has extensive theoretical knowledge about many scientific subjects but lacks the experience to apply them. Romana makes much of her triple first from Gallifey's Academy and can be infuriatingly correct where the Doctor's apparently illogical haphazard approach fails.

Haughty and aloof by nature, Romana is quick to put down people who she believes are intelectually inferior to her and is reluctant to accept the word of a more experienced person as true. She will often analyse the personality defects of a person out loud in an almost offhand way.

To Romana, the TARDIS is a scientific museum piece that has long since ben superseded by more advanced models of time machine; she is disdainful about high technology from cultures other than the Time Lords' because she regards it as primative. That said, she can happily turn her hand at repairing old electronic equipment.

She is a poor judge of character, often not seeing beneath a dishonest facade, and can be quite gullible if she is told something that she does not already know. Whatever difficulties she gets in, however, she will face stoically: it takes something really horrifying for her nerve to crack.

Romana's aristocratic bearing and elegantly featured, well-tanned face make her almost classically Grecian in appearance. In her first incarnation the 140-year-old Time Lady has long, auburn, wavy hair and blue-grey eyes. Practicality is seldom considered when she chooses what outfit to wear for her adventures: her apparel is often more in keeping with high fashion at a king's court. Her own wardrobe in the TARDIS consists of fashionable costumes from different planets in time and space.

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