But... Are They Companions?

What is a companion? There is much debate. A person who has travelled with the doctor in the TARDIS? Well then Liz Shaw can't be considered a companion; she never took a trip in the TARDIS, but she is a companion all the same. Someone who helps the Doctor in major way in an adventure? Well, that would make Ray from "Delta and the Bannermen" a companion, but she has never been considered a companion. A companion is a friend or an assistant to the Doctor, a person who has adventured with or known him for longer than one adventure - people who can truely be considered companions, rather than those who travel only briefly in the TARDIS.Companions aren't secondary characters who help the Doctor but choose not to accompany him on farther adventures (an acception has been made for Grace from the TV Movie). But there are a few characters that don't fit exactly into the criteria for a companion, yet they do go on to travel with Doctor but they also aren't major cast members either... These characters sometimes end up on companion lists and sometimes are left off companion lists for various reasons. I don't list them as companions as I don't think their contributions or time with the Doctor are significant enough for them to be considered true companions, but they should be mentioned...

Katarina (Adrianne Hill)

Handmaiden to the Princess Cassandra who helped a wounded Steven into the TARDIS during "The Myth Makers" only to end up sacrificing her life to save the others in the next serial "The Dalek's Master Plan."


Sara Kingdom (Jean Marsh)

A ruthless and dedicated secret agent for the treacherous Guardian of the 41st century solar system, Mavic Chen. Such was her dedication she even killed her own brother, Bret Vyon. However, when she saw what Chen was intending - to aid the Daleks in building a time destroyer - she changed sides. Her fate was sealed. She became the victim of the terrible weapon as she aged hundreds of years


Kamelion (Voice: Gerald Flood)

A shapshifting robot with a will of it's own, though suseptable to outside psychic influence from a mind with a greater will. The Master found Kamelion on the planet Xeriphas and subjected him to his will. The Master then used the robot to impersonate King John in a plan to circumvent the signing of Magna Carta. Kamelion asked to join the Doctor after the Doctor freed him from Master. Kamelion travelled for a while with the Doctor but kept mostly to himself in the corridors of the TARDIS. The Doctor was forced to destroy Kamelion when he again came under the Master's evil influence.