Grace Holloway (Daphne Ashbrook)

Grace Holloway is a cardiologist in 1999 San Francisco and has obtained the nickname "Amazing Grace" for the surgical miracles she has performed in the operating room. Described by the Doctor as "tired of life but afraid of death", she is clearly a cheerful and warm individual but finds these characteristics masked beneath a cold, distant veneer of professionalism. She has a high degree of integrity and will not stand by while the truth is being covered up, she will go so far as to sacrifice her job over these ideals. Grace loves the opera and will have music from her favorite operas playing while she performs surgical operations. Devoted more to her goal in life - "to hold back death" - rather than her occupation itself, Grace demonstrates a streak of individuality and initiative, though she lacks complete confidence in herself. It is her adventure with the Doctor which seems to resolve the latter flaw, it remains to be seen whether this self-renewal will have a positive effect on her life.

She is very practical when it comes to dress and usually wears slacks and flat shoes, however, when she goes to formal occasions she will wear beuitiful and elaborate gowns. When at the hospital she can usually be found wearing green operating scrubs with a white lab coat.

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