Ace (Sophie Aldred)

Ace is a dangerous, unpredictable teenaged girl whose experiments with explosives blew her out of 20th century Earth through a time vortex into the far future. She relishes seeing or playing with machines, destructive weaponry or the unknown, a trait that often imperils herself or the Doctor. Anything that Ace fails to understand or that frightens her is usually subject for destruction.

Put simply, Ace is a delinquent. She hates her 20th-century home life in Perivale, west London, and detests her real name of Dorothy and her mother, Audrey. On the whole she is unruly, self-destructive and prone to sulking if no one pays her atention. Ace is petulant and aggressive largely because she is leaving childhood behind and becoming a woman.

The Doctor provides a steadying influence and, more importantly, is a person that Ace trusts. If her trust is betrayed, she typically reacts by running away. Ace is no fool, although at times she is naive, and it takes careful and reasoned persuasion to restore her faith.

Ace's scientific interests lie largely in the manufacture of explosives. She has formulated her own, called nitro-nine, which is frequently used to devasting effect. On the Doctor's request she "never" carries it: one or two canisters, however, can usually be produced from her resourceful backpack.

Late 1990's street fashion is the best description of Ace's attire. She typically wears a garishly colored T-shirt, a black satin padded jacket that is covered in badges and patches, a short black pleated skirt, black leggings and greasy Doc Marten shoes. She has long, straight mousy hair which is frequently scraped up and back and knotted into a plait. It is a severe hairsyle that makes her squarish, pleasent face look hard. Ace's eyes are hazel.

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