Melanie (Mel) Bush (Bonnie Langford)

Mel is a tireless reformer of people. She has subjected the Doctor to a fitness program, tried to change the ways of an incorrigible space pirate and attempted to imbue an indecisive coward with bravery. Whether she succeed or fails is largely immaterial: it will not stop her trying to compensate for the faults of others.

As a fitness fanatic, Mel always seems to be bounding with energy. When she is exited, she can seem squeaky-voiced and anxious, making it sometimes difficult to tell whether she is happy or scared. It is easy to tell when she is genuinely frightened: loud screams usually result when mel is confronted by alien monsters or terrifying situations. When she is calm, she often has to compensate for the Doctor's sulkiness by explaining events to people or pacifying them.

In spite of her nervous nature, Mel is quite adventurous at heart and regards her travels in the TARDIS as an exciting, educational experience. She is quite bright and inventive, qualities that suit her computing work in 20th century England. Her other great quality, as the Doctor says, is that she has a memory like an elephant's: she does not forget information or details. She is truthful, honest and very trusting.

Mel's long, curly red hair makes her distinctive and easy to spot in a crowd, as does her tendency to wear candy-colored clothes. She typically wears white slack with navy polka-dots, flat white shoes or boots, and a mid-blue top with white polka-dots and pleated tails. A matching bow in her hair completes her outfit. Mel has a thin face and dark green eyes.

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