Leela (Louise Jameson)

Leela is a savage warrior of the Sevateem, a tribe of regressive Earth colonists who worship remaining items of high technology as relics. This primative background means she is superstitious, although her adventures with the Doctor mean she is slowly believing less in magic and more in science.

Her warrior training has made her ruthless and fearless, and she often takes independent and sometimes rash actions against the advice of the Doctor. Leela has a strongly developed sense of intuition that allows her to sense danger and evil. She is quick to suggest killing an opponent as a way to get rid of him, and believes it is right to celebrate the death of an enemy.

Leela asks direct questions of the Doctor and other people; she also boldly states whether something is within her capabilities. One result of her direct nature is that she takes people literally and confuses the meaning of unfamiliar colloqialisms and sayings. She will often unintentionally contradict the Doctor, answering at the same time, when they are questioned by someone.

Leela appears to be in her mid 20's, has long brown hair, tanned skin and usually wears hard-wearing, tan-colored hunting leathers and knee-length leather boots. She initially had brown eyes, but a blinding explosion in The Horror of Fang Rock turned them blue. Her movements are catlike and betray her fierce background. She always carries a hunting knife and often uses a poisonous janis thorn to paralyse and kill her enemies.

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