Charlotte (Charley) Pollard (India Fisher)

Charley Pollard is a teenager from 1930 who stowed away aboard the British airship R101 which was on it's maiden voyage over France. Charley wears the uniform of a British airship steward from the 1930s (her disguise when she joined the Doctor) and has close cropped blond hair.

She styles herself an explorer, an Edwardian Adventures. Seeking an escape from the humdrum society world of her rich stockbroker father, little did she realise that that the flight of the R101 was destined to end in tragedy Charley probably would have perished if she hadn't joined the Doctor in the TARDIS.

Charley is flippant, brave, and very eager to learn and explore the wonders of the Universe. Charley is very protective of the Doctor and treats him like a beloved older brother. Charley trusts the Doctor but believes that sometimes he needs to be protected from himself and is not willing to let him tackle problems without her at his side.

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