In life Morbius had short hair, and Romanesque features. His brain was later transplanted into a monsterous host-body.

Morbius was once a high-ranking official in Time-Lord High Counsil. However, he became ambitious and twisted, and eventually planned to wrest the control of the mysterious Elixir of Life from the Sisterhood of Karn, who had carefully guarded the Elixir for ages. For his crimes, Morbius was sentenced to death by molecular dispersal by the Time Lord High Council. However, the living Brain of Morbius survived and was secreted away from Gallifrey by members of the Cult of Morbius.

Eventually, one of the members, a renowned Earth surgeon named Mehendri Solon sought to build Morbius a new physical body, and made the remote plabet Karn his base of operations. He was only partially successful. The reborn Morbius was thwarted in a mind-war with the Doctor, and reduced to a bestial, instinctive state. He was subsequently driven off a cliff and into a deep gorge by the Sisterhood of Karn. He has not surfaced since, and must be presumed last.

Dr. Mehendri Solon

Dr. Mehendri Solon was a disreputable galactic surgeon and author of a famous paper on micro-surgical techniques in tissue transplants. He was a follower of Morbius, and had saved the brain of the evil Time Lord. He made a monstrous new body to house it, but was ultimately thwarted by the Doctor and the Sisterhood of Karn for his crimes.

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