The Monk

Like the Doctor, the Meddling Monk is a renegade Time Lord who cannot abide the restrictive practices of his people. The Monk, however, is a mischief-maker and interferes with the proper course of events on planets in his attempts to improve history. He is the Prometheus of the cosmos, bringing technological fire to its people.

The Monk believes that technology should be given to primitive societies so they can improve their lot in life. He also champions the underdogs, historical losers who he believes have a better culture and deserve to survive rather than perish at the hands of a crasser people. It was his intention, for example, to forestall the Viking invasion fleet that left King Harold's forces to exhausted to beat off the Normans in 1066. Only the Doctor's timely intervention thwarted the Monk's plan. Although he is a clever and devious schemer, the Monk is careless; his motives and plans are sometimes transparently obvious.

Very much into creature comforts, the Monk has a habit of accidentally leaving anachronistic clues to his presence. Although his TARDIS's chameleon circuit works, allowing the time and space machine to fit in with its surroundings, the Monk carelessly leaves objects outside it: in his secluded base, it is possible to find modern kitchen equipment and power lines. The Monk will use any technological aid he can to further his plans, from gramophone records for sound effects to atomic cannons to destroy his enemies. He is a collector, too, hoarding trophies in his TARDIS that have been taken from all periods and places in time and space.

The Monk is not an evil character, just a misguided one. He is quite jovial, and incredibly pleased with himself, when his schemes are running smoothly. Yet he behaves childishly and sulks when his plans are balked. He longs to get revenge on the Doctor, who has twice stranded him, and may well turn up as a third party in an adventure, completely unconnected with main events.

Most of the time, the Monk dresses in a brown habit and round cap, a disguise that allows him to pass freely through the primitive societies which he seeks to enlighten. He has a round, cheerful face, brown, slightly greying hair, and green eyes.

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