Draconians are a proud and noble species of lizard men whose empire at one time borders that of Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. Although they have a strong martial tradition and a warrior's code similar to that of the Japanese samurai, they respect the empires of other people and realize that war against an enemy as strong as Earth would be costly. In many ways they think and act like humans.

About 2.2 metres tall, Draconians have tall, pointy heads topped by a small crest of green scales. Their brown faces are elongated with a black forked beard; green scales spread up from the neck, round the ragged, pointed ears and the back of the head. Flowing green and gold robes cover their scaly green bodies, and pointed, ornamental wings curve from the robes at the shoulders. The Draconians have earned the derogatory nickname of Dragons owing to their green skin and reptilian nature. Draconians speak with a harsh, slightly sibilant voice.

The Draconians are ruled by an emperor, whose court is on their home planet of Draconia. His rank is denoted by a large blue gemstone on a broad, blue sash; princes of Draconia have a green sash with a green gemstone. Draconians of rank should be greeted with the words, 'My life at your command.'

Draconians are as civilized and as scheming as the next alien. Yet they are honourable: it is virtually unheard of for a Draconian to break his word, and it takes much provocation for the Draconians to breach their treaties. Women are treated as second class citizens -- they are not even permitted to speak directly to the emperor, and to do so is a tremendous breach of etiquette.

The Doctor has twice helped the Draconians. At the time of the fifteenth emperor, he saved them from a deadly plague for which he was made a noble of Draconia. In Frontier In Space, the third Doctor averted a potentially catastrophic war between Earth and Draconia.

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