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  THE MASTER!: An Unauthorized Biography

The Early Years

The Master The renegade Time-Lord known as the Master, was a graduate of Prydon Academy, presumably with honors. His contemporaries included the likes of such notibles as the Rani and the Doctor. The Master was a bright pupil and showed much more promise than did his classmates and his instructors took much notice of his achievements. Like all Time-Lords, the Master possessed latent telepathic abilities which he developed into incredibly potent hypnotic talent. While at the academy he showed a remarkable grasp of the dynamics of the physical structure of organic tissue. One of his major descoveries was the science of tissue compression. He developed a hand held device capable of greatly reducing the size and mass of certain types of organic structures which he dubbed the tissue compression eliminator. To his delight, he also found that this device was quite deadly when used on living creatures. Unfortunately, despite the Master's great potential, he delighted in chaos and destruction. He had vain and glorious plans for subjugating the entire universe and setting himself up as ruler of all creation. His quest was a dangerous one and not without it's perils, which cost the Master many of his life cycles. After his twelfth and final regeneration and not yet having achieved his dream, the Master opted to leave the confines of Gallifrey, becoming a renegade and criminal. The Master realized what would happen to him if his fellow Time-Lords learned of his actions, so he took the precautions of erasing all records of his existance, including his bio-data extract from the Matrix. He also stole a late model TARDIS and eliminated it's registration number from the depository. The Time-Lords never took notice. Those who did, out of ignorance, choose to hush it up to keep a scandal from developing. It is concievable that the Celestial Intervention Agency had a hand in covering the Master's tracks in the hopes of gaining a future operative.

Devilishly Handsome

That charming smile The Master was brilliant yet vicious. His charming manner and sharp wit disguised his cruelty to an extent, yet his vile temper when arroused gave him away. The Master loved intrigue and deception, constructing elaborate plots and watching the results of his manipulation of events. He was especially skilled in the art of disguise and was able on many occasion to make his escape while an unwitting accomplace assumed his place. In fact, the Master's only weakness was his vainity. He can not resist taking a moment to gloat over an appearently defeated enemy or boast his plans to achieve an end. This weakness can allow an enemy to learn crucial information needed to thwart his sinister plans. His great desire for revenge can also be used to make the Master act in haste, causing him to spring an elaborately-laid trap at the wrong moment causing his plans to back-fire on him.

The Master's first destination on his plan for unversal conquest was the planet Earth, which brought him into direct conflict with his one time friend, but now enemy, the Doctor. The Doctor had been exiled to Earth where he was now the scientific advisor for UNIT, the paramilitary force protecting Earth from alien and paranormal menaces. The two Time-Lords found themselves continually at odds until The Doctor was finaly able to foil the Master's schemes and imprisoned him after he tried to resurect the Daemon Azal. The Master was eventually able to escape his jailers by bringing the warden under his influence and allied himself with the Sea Devils. Although the Doctor was able to stop the Sea Devils, he was unable to prevent the Master's escape. The Master eventually left the 20th century after his failure to control Kronos.

The Master travelled to the 26th century and allied himself with the Daleks in an effort to start a galactic war between the peoples of Earth and Draconia, which would allow the Daleks to conquer Earth. After his dismal failure he fled leaving the Daleks to their doom, which caused him the enmity of the Daleks forever. This would be his worst mistake.

All Tattered and Torn

A will to live Enraged by the Master's bitter betrayal, the Daleks pursued him, captured and imprisoned him in a time corridor. The only way the Master could escape was to destroy his own TARDIS, horribly injuring himself in the process. Since he was already near the end of his thirteenth life his body began to decay and die. But the Master refused to accept death and traveled back to Gallifrey in an effort to gain a new cycle of regenerations.

He was able to subvert Chancellor Goth with promises of a share of his knowledge and the office of Lord President in return for Goth's help. Together they plotted to assassinate the reigning Lord President and framed the Doctor for the murder. All this was a clever ruse designed to keep the Time-Lords coccupied while he used the relics of the Lord President's office, The Great Key and the Sash of Rassilon to open the Eye of Harmony. The Eye of Harmony is the Black hole captured by Rassilon and is the source of all the Time-Lords' power. The Master thought that bathing in the great energies of the black hole would jump start a new regenerative cycle. He was wrong, and Gallifrey was nearly destroyed in the process. The Doctor was able to stop the Master in time to save the planet, but not before the Master was able to escape in a new TARDIS. Although the Master had not gained any new regenerations he was able to use his exposure to the Eye of Harmony to heal his battered body to a small extent and extend his life for a little longer.

A New Life

A new lease on life The Master arrived on the planet Traken with new plan to extend his life. By stealing the powers of the famed Keeper of Traken he would not only gain the new lives he seeked but also an interstellar empire at the same time. The Master would have succeded in his plan if his desire for revenge on the Doctor had not gotten in his way. His plan was foiled by the Doctor and the Traken Union was saved. Although he had not been able to keep the powers of the Keeper, he was able to use them to steal the body of Traken Consul Tremas. Tremas was destroyed but the Master gained a new body and new lease on life. He would, however be consumed with the desire to gain revenge on the Doctor and his plans from there on out would center on the destruction of the Doctor.

The Master's schemes to destroy the Doctor almost succeded when he tried to gain the secret of Logopolis. The Doctor was forced into regeneration and the universe was nearly destroyed when the Master silenced the Logopolitians, who were keeping the universe from destruction by using their block transfer computations to keep a charged vacuum emboitement open to allow entropy to drain off into another universe.

After many battles with the Doctor, The Master seemed to be vaporised in a volcanic flame. But he was not dead. He returned to trouble the Doctor again in 19th century England. His efforts to stop the industrial revolution were spoiled by the Rani who was conducting her foul biological experiments on the locals. The Doctor was able to use the Master's TARDIS to send both the Master and Rani spinning out of control to the outer fringes of the universe.

This body won't last long Once again the Master returned this time to gather the Time-Lord secrets stolen by the Sleepers of Andromeda. But fearful that the Valiyard would upstage him and deny him his revenge on the Doctor he helped the Doctor expose the Valiyard at the Doctor's Trial. The Doctor was able to defeat the Valeyard and the Master escaped.

The Master wound up trapped on the dying World of the Cheetah People. The planet was changing him however, and he was beginning to turn into a Cheetah Person himself. He used the teleportational powers of the Cheetah People to get himself back to Earth, where he fought the Doctor. The Doctor and the Master were eventually teleported back to the Cheetah People's planet, but the Doctor refused to fight the Master and the Doctor was sent back to Earth, leaving the Master trapped.

Wasted Lives

The Master was finally captured by the Daleks. He was placed on trial and sentenced to death for his crimes. Before the Master's extermination, his last request was to have his bitter enemy, the Doctor, transport his remains back to Gallifrey. "It was a request they never should have granted!"

This body won't last long The Master's hate-filled life essence refused to depart this plane. It escaped despite the precautions of the Doctor and hi-jacked his TARDIS to Earth in the year 1999. The Master then proceeded to aquire the body of an ambulance driver named "Bruce", but the merge wasn't as successful this time and he had a limited amount of time in order to get a new body -- the Doctor's. The Master's efforts to steal the Doctor's body and his remaining lives by opening the portlal of the Eye of Harmony in the TARDIS, and the subsequent destruction of Earth was foiled by the Doctor with help of a young Earth physician, Dr. Grace Holloway. The Master appeared to be swollowed by the Eye of Harmony. Without the protection of the Sash of Rassilon, it is unknown what the Master's fate is. He is presumed dead. Yet seeming death has never stopped him in the past.

The End?