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Classic Television Series
No. Code Title First Shown Eps Exists Format

1. A An Unearthly Child 23 Nov 63 4 all
2.BThe Daleks21 Dec 637all
3.CThe Edge of Destruction8 Feb 642all
4.DMarco Polo22 Feb 646none
5.EThe Keys of Marinus11 Apr 646all
6.FThe Aztecs23 May 644all
7.GThe Sensorites20 Jun 646all
8.HThe Reign of Terror8 Aug 6461,2,3,6
Season 2
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsVideo?

9.JPlanet of Giants31 Oct 643all
10.KThe Dalek Invasion of Earth21 Nov 646all
11.LThe Rescue2 Jan 652all
12.MThe Romans16 Jan 654all
13.NThe Web Planet13 Feb 656all
14.PThe Crusade27 Mar 6541,3
15.QThe Space Museum24 Apr 654all
16.RThe Chase22 May 656all
17.SThe Time Meddler3 Jul 654all
Season 3
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

18.TGalaxy Four11 Sep 654none
19.T/AMission to the Unknown9 Oct 651none
20.UThe Myth Makers16 Oct 654none
21.VThe Daleks Masterplan13 Nov 65125,10
22.WThe Massacre5 Feb 664none
23.XThe Ark5 Mar 664all
24.YThe Celestial Toymaker2 Apr 6644
25.ZThe Gunfighters30 Apr 664all
26.AAThe Savages28 May 664none
27.BBThe War Machines25 Jun 664all
Season 4
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

28.CCThe Smugglers10 Sep 664none
29.DDThe Tenth Planet8 Oct 6641,2,3
30.EEThe Power of the Daleks5 Nov 666none
31.FFThe Highlanders17 Dec 664none
32.GGThe Underwater Menace14 Jan 6743
33.HHThe Moonbase11 Feb 6742,4
34.JJThe Macra Terror11 Mar 674none
35.KKThe Faceless Ones8 Apr 6761,3
36.LLThe Evil of the Daleks20 May 6772
Season 5
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

37.MMThe Tomb of the Cybermen2 Sep 674all
38.NNThe Abominable Snowmen30 Sep 6762
39.OOThe Ice Warriors11 Oct 6761,4,5,6
40.PPThe Enemy of the World23 Dec 6763
41.QQThe Web of Fear3 Feb 6761
42.RRFury from the Deep16 Mar 676none
43.SSThe Wheel in Space27 Apr 6763,6
Season 6
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

44.TTThe Dominators10 Aug 685all
45.UUThe Mind Robber14 Sep 685all
46.VVThe Invasion2 Nov 6882,3,5,6,7,8
47.WWThe Krotons28 Dec 684all
48.XXThe Seeds of Death25 Jan 696all
49.YYThe Space Pirates8 Mar 6962
50.ZZThe War Games19 Apr 6910all
Season 7
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

51.AAASpearhead From Space3 Jan 704all
52.BBBDoctor Who and the Silurians31 Jan 707all
53.CCCThe Ambassadors of Death21 Mar 707all
54.DDDInferno9 May 707all
Season 8
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

55.EEETerror of the Autons2 Jan 714all
56.FFFThe Mind of Evil20 Jan 716all
57.GGGThe Claws of Axos13 Mar 714all
58.HHHColony in Space10 Apr 716all
59.JJJThe Dæmons22 May 715all
Season 9
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

60.KKKThe Day of the Daleks1 Jan 724all
61.MMMThe Curse of Peladon29 Jan 724all
62.LLLThe Sea Devils26 Feb 726all
63.NNNThe Mutants8 Apr 726all
64.OOOThe Time Monster20 May 726all
Season 10
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

65.RRRThe Three Doctors30 Dec 724all
66.PPPCarnival of Monsters27 Jan 734all
67.QQQFrontier in Space24 Feb 736all
68.SSSPlanet of the Daleks7 Apr 736all
69.TTTThe Green Death19 May 736all
Season 11
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

70.UUUThe Time Warrior15 Dec 734all
71.WWWInvasion of the Dinosaurs12 Jan 746all
72.XXXDeath to the Daleks23 Feb 744all
73.YYYMonster of Peladon23 Mar 746all
74.ZZZPlanet of Spiders4 May 746all
Season 12
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

75.4ARobot28 Dec 744all
76.4CThe Ark in Space25 Jan 754all
77.4BThe Sontaran Experiment22 Feb 752all
78.4EGenesis of the Daleks8 Mar 756all
79.4DRevenge of the Cybermen19 Apr 754all
Season 13
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

80.4FTerror of the Zygons30 Aug 754all
81.4HPlanet of Evil27 Sep 754all
82.4GPyramids of Mars25 Oct 754all
83.4JThe Android Invasion22 Nov 754all
84.4KThe Brain of Morbius30 Dec 754all
85.4LThe Seeds of Doom31 Jan 766all
Season 14
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

86.4MThe Masque of Mandragora4 Sep 764all
87.4NThe Hand of Fear2 Oct 764all
88.4PThe Deadly Assassin30 Oct 764all
89.4QThe Face of Evil1 Jan 774all
90.4RThe Robots of Death29 Jan 774all
91.4SThe Talons of Weng-Chiang26 Feb 776all
Season 15
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

92.4VHorror of Fang Rock3 Sep 774all
93.4TThe Invisible Enemy1 Oct 774all
94.4XImage of the Fendahl29 Oct 774all
95.4WThe Sun Makers26 Nov 774all
96.4YUnderworld24 Dec 774all
97.4ZThe Invasion of Time21 Jan 786all
Season 16
The Key to Time
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

98.5AThe Ribos Operation2 Sep 784all
99.5BThe Pirate Planet30 Sep 784all
100.5CThe Stones of Blood28 Oct 784all
101.5DThe Androids of Tara25 Nov 784all
102.5EThe Power of Kroll23 Dec 784all
103.5FThe Armageddon Factor20 Jan 794all
Season 17
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

104.5JDestiny of the Daleks1 Sep 794all
105.5HCity of Death29 Sep 794all
106.5GThe Creature From the Pit27 Oct 794all
107.5KNightmare of Eden24 Nov 794all
108.5LHorns of Nimon22 Dec 794all
109.5MShada never incomplete
Season 18
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

110.5NThe Leisure Hive30 Aug 804all
111.5QMeglos27 Sep 804all
112.5RFull Circle25 Oct 804all
113.5PState of Decay22 Nov 804all
114.5SWarriors' Gate3 Jan 814all
115.5TThe Keeper of Traken31 Jan 814all
116.5VLogopolis28 Feb 814all
Season 19
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

117.5ZCastrovalva4 Jan 824all
118.5WFour to Doomsday18 Jan 824all
119.5YKinda1 Feb 824all
120.5XThe Visitation15 Feb 824all
121.6ABlack Orchid1 Mar 822all
122.6BEarthshock8 Mar 824all
123.6CTime-Flight22 Mar 824all
Season 20
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

124.6EArc of Infinity3 Jan 834all
125.6DSnakedance17 Jan 834all
126.6FMawdryn Undead1 Feb 834all
127.6GTerminus15 Feb 834all
128.6HEnlightenment1 Mar 834all
129.6JThe King's Demons15 Mar 832all
130.6KThe Five Doctors25 Nov 831all
Season 21
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

131.6LWarriors of the Deep5 Jan 844all
132.6MThe Awakening19 Jan 842all
133.6NFrontios26 Jan 844all
134.6PResurrection of the Daleks8 Feb 842all
135.6QPlanet of Fire23 Feb 844all
136.6RThe Caves of Androzani8 Mar 844all
137.6SThe Twin Dilemma22 Mar 844all
Season 22
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

138.6TAttack of the Cybermen5 Jan 852all
139.6VVengeance on Varos19 Jan 852all
140.6XMark of the Rani2 Feb 852all
141.6WThe Two Doctors16 Feb 853all
142.6YTimelash9 Mar 852all
143.6ZRevelation of the Daleks23 Mar 852all
Season 23
Trial of a Time Lord
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

144.7AThe Mysterious Planet6 Sep 864all
145.7BMindwarp4 Oct 864all
146a.7C1Terror of the Vervoids1 Nov 864all
146b.7C2The Ultimate Foe29 Nov 862all
Season 24
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

147.7DTime and the Rani7 Sep 874all
148.7EParadise Towers5 Oct 874all
149.7FDelta and the Bannermen2 Nov 873all
150.7GDragonfire23 Nov 873all
Season 25
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

151.7HRemembrance of the Daleks5 Oct 884all
152.7LThe Happiness Patrol2 Nov 883all
153.7KSilver Nemesis23 Nov 883all
154.7JThe Greatest Show in the Galaxy14 Dec 884all
Season 26
No.CodeTitleFirst ShownEpsExistsFormat

155.7NBattlefield6 Sep 894all
156.7QGhost Light4 Oct 893all
157.7MThe Curse of Fenric25 Oct 894all
158.7PSurvival22 Nov 893all

Television Movie

 Doctor Who - The Television Movie(90 Min. Movie)

Big Finish Audio Series
Audio Season 1

1.8BStorm Warning22 Jan 2001
2.8CSword of Orion26 Feb 2001
3.8DThe Stones of Venice19 Mar 2001
4.8EMinuet in Hell17 Apr 2001
Audio Season 2

5.8FInvaders from MarsJan 2002
6.8GThe Chimes of MidnightFeb 2002
7.8HSeasons of FearMar 2002
8.8JEmbrace the DarknessApr 2002
9.8KThe Time of the DaleksMay 2002
10.8LNeverlandJun 2002
Audio Season 3

11.8MZagreusNov 2003
12.8NScherzoDec 2003
13.8PThe Creed of KromonJan 2004
14.8QThe Natural History of FearFeb 2004
15.8RThe Twilight KingdomMar 2004
Audio Season 4

16.8SFaith StealerOct 2004
17.8TThe LastOct 2004
18.8UCaerdroiaNov 2004
19.8VThe Next LifeDec 2004

New Television Series
No. Title First Shown Format

1. Rose 26 Mar 2005
2. End of the World 02 Apr 2005
3. The Unquiet Dead 09 Apr 2005
4. Aliens of London 16 Apr 2005
5. World War III 23 Apr 2005
6. Dalek 30 Apr 2005
7. The Long Game 07 May 2005
8. Father's Day 14 May 2005
9. Empty Child 21 May 2005
10. The Doctor Dances 28 May 2005
11. Boomtown! 04 Jun 2005
12. Bad Wolf 11 Jun 2005
13. The Parting of Ways 18 Jun 2005
No. Title First Shown Format

14. The Christmas Invasion 25 Dec 2005
15. New Earth 15 Apr 2006
16. Tooth and Claw 22 Apr 2006
17. School Reunion 29 Apr 2006
18. The Girl in the Fireplace 6 May 2006
19. Rise of the Cybermen 13 May 2006
20. The Age of Steel 20 May 2006
21. The Idiot's Lantern 27 May 2006
22. The Impossible Planet 3 June 2006
23. The Satan Pit 10 June 2006
24. Love & Monsters 17 June 2006
25. Fear Her 24 June 2006
26. Army of Ghosts 1 July 2006
27. Doomsday 8 July 2006

Television Specials

 K9 and Company1
 Dimesions in Time2
 Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death4


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Cinema Movies

 Dr. Who and the Daleks 
 Dr. Who: Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.