Doctor Who
The Ninth Doctor
(Christopher Eccleston)
"Nice to meet you, Rose... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"
In his latest incarnation, the Doctor appears tall and thin with closely cropped hair. Gone is the sartorial flamboyance of the previous Doctors, as is the slight air of theatricality which seemed to suit their outfits, and in their place is a more pared-down, more 'alien' adventurer - with a northern accent. He wears mostly black topped off with a darkly colored jumper. A battered leather jacket completes the ensemble.

The Doctor's ninth persona is wise, funny, and brave; He presents himself as an adventurer who just so happens to travel through time and space. This Doctor often expresses a keen sense of wonder at the world around him and shows a burning need to keep the universe safe from harm. The Doctor is aware, however, that he is not an ordinary being; his perspective of Time and Space cannot even be conceived of by most. While this detached logic may give him the vital edge he needs to save the world from destruction, it makes him seem cold and distant to the needs of those closest to him. Domestic relationships confound him, the emotional reactions of his companions confuse him, and he certainly doesn't like being answerable to anyone. It is for these very reasons that he must have a companion.

The Doctor will become evasive and even angry if questioned about who he is or where he comes from. Something painful and tragic has happened to the Doctor's home planet; his people were wiped out. It seems the Doctor is the last Time Lord... alone... a wanderer in space and time.

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