Doctor Who
The Third Doctor
(Jon Pertwee)
1970 until 1975
"I reversed the polarity of the neutron flow."
If the second Doctor was a clown, then the third Doctor can be described only as a dandy. He typically wears an elegantly tailored black velvet jacket, black trousers, a white shirt with ruffled front and cuffs, black bow tie and black cape lined with purple silk. His humorous, flexible face is lined and wise-looking; he has piercing blue eyes and mid-length white hair. The third Doctor's dandified image is complemented by an appreciation of fine wine and food: he is undoubtedly a connoisseur.

The Doctor is a humanitarian and an environmentalist, both causes on which, given the opportunity, he will preach to companions and opponents alike. He always seeks to negotiate a peace between intelligent species, encouraging them to live together in harmony rather than fighting, and he greets the unknown with a 'How do you do' rather than a gun. Dangerous or pollution-creating technology is an immediate target for his scathing criticism and he is quite prepared to interfere to encourage environmentally sound progress.

Rules and authority figures irritate the Doctor: he detests the stonewalling of politicians or bureaucrats when action must clearly be taken. He is the voice of reason when others prove indecisive or obstructive.

Very much a man of action, the Doctor is an exponent of Venusian karate -- one of the few beings with two arms that has been able to master this martial art -- which he is quite prepared to use in self-defence. He is always ready to risk himself to save others. Yet he abhors violence and is always ready to criticize the excessive or unnecessary use of force.

The Doctor is an incorrigible tinkerer and a great lover of gadgets and different means of transport. Exiled to Earth by the Time Lords, he continually tries to overcome the physical limits they have put on the TARDIS and the mental block he has on dematerialization codes. He is often to be found head down at work on some circuit in the TARDIS's control console or making improvements to his antiquated yellow car Bessie.

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