Temporal Intervention - The Doctor Who Compendium - Dimensions in Time (Pt. 2)

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Doctor Who
Dimensions in Time
The Thirtieth Anniversary Special

The Story So Far

The Rani has the Doctor trapped on Earth, sliding though several time zones as she plots her latest scheme to rule the universe.

Will the evil Rani win? Will the Doctor be trapped forever in a dreary backwater in London's Eastend? Doesn't Noel Edmonds look silly with those 3D glasses on? These and more questions answered in the second part of Dimensions in Time!

The Fifth Doctor began walking toward the Rani, followed by the others.
"The Rani. I take back what I said about an ingenius operator being behind these time jumps," the Doctor remarked to Peri and Nyssa.
"What's going on, Doctor?" Peri asked. The Rani, in the meantime, was walking toward them.
"Who else could master such a difficult operation?" The Rani remarked proudly. She looked over toward the group of monsters. "Back to my TARDIS!" The Fifth Doctor suddenly pressed his hands to his head, and a look of intense concentration came over his face.
"What are you doing?" Nyssa asked the Doctor upon noticing this.
"Why bother trying to summon up your remaining selves? I've weakened you," the Rani remarked. Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light. Now the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw are in the park. The Rani spun around and aimed her gun at the Doctor.
"I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve yet, madam! It's time for you to start losing!" The Third Doctor called out.
"You! Earth female! Come here!" The Rani pointed toward Liz Shaw. Liz started walking toward the Rani. The Third Doctor looked at Liz in horror.
"No, Liz. No, Liz, you mustn't," the Third Doctor ordered. Liz was still walking toward the Rani.
"Leave this to me, I'll take my chances," Liz responded. The Doctor came up behind Liz to grab her.
"No Liz!" Liz broke into a sprint, running toward the Rani. Liz struggled with the Rani to gain control of the gun. Suddenly, a girl, Mandy, walked up to the Rani.
"What are you doing? Leave her alone!" Mandy ordered, pulling Liz away from the Rani. Liz instinctively ran away, as Mandy and her friend did when the Rani pointed her gun at them. The Third Doctor looked on anxiously. Suddenly, a yellow Edwardian
roadster, Bessie, drove up to the park, driven by Captain Mike Yates of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. Mike slammed on the brakes and looked around, finally spotting the Doctor.
"Doctor! Come on! Quickly!" He yelled to the Doctor. The Doctor ran to Bessie, as Mike shot the Rani's gun out of her hands. The Rani immediately ran inside of the bar. The Third Doctor hopped into Bessie.
"I can't thank you enough!" He exclaimed to Mike. "Now get me to the TARDIS! As quick as possible!" Acknowledging this, Mike drove off.

Brigadier Lethbdrige-Stewart is sitting in a helicopter in the air, looking down at Bessie driving up. The Third Doctor jumps out of Bessie and runs to the helicopter, which has just landed.
"Brigadier!" The Third Doctor yelled into the helicopter.
"Come on, Doctor, not far now." The Brigadier extended his hand to the Third Doctor, helping him onto the helicopter.

The helicopter lands elsewhere, and the Brigadier and the Sixth Doctor get out and start walking away from the helicopter. The two have to talk very loudly to hear each other over the raucous of the helicopter.
"I'm finding it very difficult to keep up with all of you these days, Doctor!" The Brigadier yelled to the Sixth Doctor.
"Some other time, eh, Brigadier? Alas, there's no time for pleasantries! I must find my young friends!" The Sixth Doctor responded, while shaking the Brigadier's hand.
"We'll speak soon, old chap! To all of you, I hope!"

The Rani was pacing to and fro in her TARDIS.
"I now have everything I want apart from one earthling. My menagerie is almost complete. Prepare to re-materialize at the center of the Earth Time Meridian: Greenwich.

Two men walk into some sort of warehouse. One pushes the door open.
"I thought you said you locked it," the guy who opened the door said to the other.
;"I did. Someone must've broken in," the other responded.
"What's going on here?" One of them asked. Suddenly they noticed a figure crouching behind one of the cars.
"Here, you! What's your game?" The figure stands up. It is the Lady Romanadvoratrelundar, in her second incarnation.
"I was looking for the Doctor, if it's really any of your business," Romana answered, as she walked toward them.
"Well you won't find him in here, he lives at number one Albert Square over there." One of the men pointed toward the Square. "I suggest you leave."
"Have you seen the Doctor?" Romana asked him.
"Yeah, Doctor Legg, he's the only doctor around here, though."
"Doctor Who?" Romana walked out of the warehouse, and down a sidewalk. Outside of Vic (the Queen Victoria Bar), Romana paused for a second to look at something. Suddenly, witnessed by a spectator, Romana is grabbed and dragged into the bar. An evil woman's laugh fills the air, followed by the sound of a TARDIS dematerializing. The spectator looks very confused.
"Well, I've seen them thrown out of Vic, but, uh, never dragged in!"

The Third Doctor and Victoria Waterfield are walking on the deck of the Cutty Sark.
"I should be taking it easy, not bounding around like some megaluthian slime skimmer," the Third Doctor stated. Victoria looked a bit frightened.
"Who was that terrible woman?" she cried out. By now, the Third Doctor was walking down the stairs leading off the Cutty Sark.
"Oh, it's the Rani! Her handiwork is behind all this confusion in time. And now her control is beginning to break down." The Doctor reached the ground, in the garden, and spotted the TARDIS. "Ah, good, there's the TARDIS. Come on Victoria!" The two entered the TARDIS, and it dematerialized.

In some sort of courtyard, perhaps the Greenwich Meridian, the TARDIS rematerialized. The Seventh Doctor got out of his TARDIS in time to see the Rani's TARDIS materialize among the pillars of a nearby walkway, disguised as an obelisk.
"The Rani's TARDIS!" he whispered out loud. Leela walked out of the Rani's TARDIS, looking slightly confused for a moment. She looked around until she spotted the Seventh Doctor.
"Doctor!" She ran over to the Doctor.
"I see she let you go," the Seventh Doctor responded.
"Not before she cloned me, though. She's got a menagerie of clones in there," Leela commented helpfully.
"She's attempting to transfer a massive time tunnel," the Doctor explained, "to the Greenwich Meridian."
"She has a computer in there with genetic codes and brain prints of every living creature in the entire universe." Leela struggled to remember these details.
"And with it, evolution is hers to control!" The Doctor was very worried. Suddenly, a thought struck him. "Except... What form were you in when she cloned you?" Leela stalled for time. "Now think, it's very important." Leela suddenly remembered.
"Romana!" A look of excitement came over the Doctor's face when Leela said this.
"A Time Lady! That means there are two Time Brains in the Rani's computer!" The Seventh Doctor and Leela rushed into the Doctor's TARDIS.
"It'll overload," a mysterious voice comments.

Inside the Rani's TARDIS, her henchman is reading some information from the console.
"Thirty seconds until computer achieving full power status, Mistress," the henchman announced.
"Excellent!" the Rani remarked triumphantly.

Back at the Meridian, the Seventh Doctor was still there, but now with Ace and K-9. the Doctor handed Ace a piece of equipment. Wires were strewn all over the place, some connected to the Rani's TARDIS.
"Hold this," he ordered.
"Twenty-five seconds, Master," K-9 announced.
"I'm trying to override the Rani's computer and harness the power of the time tunnel to pull her TARDIS in and not me," the Doctor explained to Ace.
"I assume it's not as easy as it sounds," Ace responded.
"Of course not!"
"Twenty seconds," K-9 announced.
"I must try and free my other incarnations!" The Seventh Doctor pressed his hands to his temples in extreme concentration. "Join me," the Seventh Doctor said telepathically to his other selves.
"We must pull free," the voice of the Third Doctor echoed.
"We must succeed," the voice of the Fifth Doctor remarked.
"Precisely," the voice of the Sixth Doctor agreed.
"Good luck," the voice of the Fourth Doctor stated. The Seventh Doctor returned to reality.
"Five seconds," K-9 announced.
"K-9, activate the converter!" the Seventh Doctor ordered.
"Three...Two..." K-9 counted down.
"One... Here goes!" The Seventh Doctor flipped a switch on one of the pieces of equipment. There was a loud bang and an explosion in the Rani's TARDIS. The voice of the Rani, screaming 'No' was heard as an aura surrounded the Rani's TARDIS, which promptly disappeared.
The images of the first two Doctors escape the Time Tunnel, and the Rani's TARDIS is sucked into the Tunnel.
"What did you do to her?" Ace asked the Doctor. The Doctor answered her while collecting the various bits of equipment he took from his TARDIS.
"Well, there were two Time Brains in her computer. And I used it to propel her into the trap she set for me!"
"So now your other selves are all free?" Ace asked.
"Certainly I, I mean we, are difficult to get rid of." The Doctor pushed open the door to the TARDIS and laughed.