Vislor Turlough (Mark Strickson)

Turlough appears to be a normal Earth male in his mid to late teens, but is really a Trion who has been exilied to Earth. He is a criminal in the eyes of the Trion people and is in political exile along with the rest of his family. His determination to keep his background a secret gives him a furtive, mysterious air. Such odd behavior can also be attributed to his original patron, the Black Guardian, who used him as a tool to kill the Doctor - an obligation of which Turlough is now free.

One mark, a Mesos triangle on his upper left arm, might give away his criminal status to someone if Turlough were careless enough to reveal it. He is scrupulous in his efforts to keep the brand hidden.

Although Turlough seems to act the coward and often advocates leaving the scene of an incident as a way out, his behavior is attributable to a desire to find a calm and rational answer to a problem. He would rather use charm to make a person see his point of view than argue heatedly. Turlough is quite capable of taking decisive action when it is needed. He is reluctant, however, about being pushed into things he would rather not do.

Because Turlough comes from an advanced culture, he is slightly contemptuous of the primitive people of 20th-century Earth. His attitude often causes conflicts with Tegan, whose brash, direct nature clashes with Turlough's detached, calm approach.

Turlough has short, ginger hair and blue eyes. He usually wears the uniform of his public school: black blazer, waistcoat and trousers, grey shirt with wing collar, a black tie with fine yellow stripes and black shoes.

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