Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding)

Tegan is an outspoken Austrailian air stewardess who wandered into the TARDIS believing it to be a police box. she has described herself as a just a mouth on legs; she will often speak without giving a matter full thought with the result that she ends up in trouble or doing something she would rather not have done.

She is an active companion, alwaysready to leap into action, although she sometimes realizes the full implications of what she is involved in and becomes afraid. Only Tegan would shoulder-charge a Cyberman justt to put it off its stride! She can become quite emotional, irrational and upset, especially if the Doctor seems to be doing nothing to resolve a problem.

Despite her independent spirit and unwillingness to be forced into roles that demean her, she does not proclaim herself a feminist; she would rather act that take the time to explain.

She distrusts Turlough mainly owing to what is, in her eyes, his shifty behavior. Such suspicion is justified while Turlough is in the Balck Guardian's thrall, but not once he is free of the Guardian's influence.

Tegan has short auburn hair, hazel elyes and an attractive face with a strong jawline. She is in her early twenties. During her initial adventures with the Doctor, Tegan continues to wear her lilac stewardess's jacket, short skirt and hat. She later changed into what she must regard as more practical garb for visiting alien worlds -- a short, cotton print dress in bright irregular splashes of color and red court shoes.

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