Perpugilliam (Peri) Brown (Nicola Bryant)

Perpugilliam (Peri for short) Brown is an American botany student who has an inquiring, scientific mind, although her intelligence rarely has a chance to surface out of the general level of terror that travelling with the Doctor instils in her. Peri is easily scared and responds by shrieking piercingly and loudly if she is taken by surprise or confronted by dangerous aliens.

She quickly gets fed up with places and people if they have no interest for her, often resorting to bitter sarcasm to make it known that she is unhappy. Yet if everyone else seems to be wasting time or approaching a problen in the wrong way, Peri will make her opinions known and forcefully ensure that a sensible course of action is taken. Her youthful, independent nature means she does not like being lectured by her elders: she is the sort of person that needs warning twice to keep her out of harm.

Rather than plan her actions, peri relies on intuition and instinct. This habit makes her unpredictable but also gives her a finely developed sense of trustworthiness: she seems to know when someone intends to harm her friends or herself, at which point she becomes nervous and edgy. Her trust in the Doctor is absolute.

Peri has an oval face, wide smiling mouth, hazel eyes and shoulder-length straight, brounette hair. Her adventures with the Doctor have given her an enviable tan. She favors brigthly colored culottes with either matching leotards or colorful blouses. All of her bright, summery clothes usually clash with the Doctor's outrageous outfit. Like Tegan, Peri has a noticable accent: a high-pitched nasal American voice which has a tendency to whine when she is panicky.

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