Nyssa (Sarah Sutton)

Nyssa is the quiet clever daughter of Counsul Tremas of Traken. She is imbued with the peace-loving and noble nature of her father, which accounts for her belief that there is good in all things, no matter how evil they might seem. Her father's form has been usurped by the Master, and she started travelling with the Doctor in the hope of restoring her father to his former self.

Bioelectronics is Nyssa's speciality, a field of knowledge, which she has been able to develope with the help of Adric, whose mathematical abilities have enabled her to solve problems that were once beyond her. She is also trying to research telebiogenesis to understand the Doctor's regenerative process. Her technical background means she sometimes lapses into incomprehensible scientific speech. Although she is quiet and thoughtful, Nyssa can be provoked into action when those she cares for are endangered. Loyalty and a sense of right and wrong are some of her strongest traits. She prefers to let other people act and interferes only if they get nowhere. Her inaction and desire to stay in the background can sometimes make her seem a nervous worrier.

Nyssa has an attractive, aristocratic, narrow oval face, blue-grey eyes and long, wavy auburn hair. She ususally wears her Traken court clothes: a maroon velvet jacket with puffed sleeves and fur trim, tight fitting trousers of the same material, and high-heeled shoes. None of this gear is particularly suitable for running around strange planets: after several adventures she raided the TARDIS's wardrobe.

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