Adric (Matthew Waterhouse)

Adric is a young Alzarian scholar who is brilliant at mathmatics - a subject for which he has a strong passion. He is happiest working out complicated problems for pleasure and can become so involved in a calculation that he fails to notice his companions want to talk to him or have left him alone. His confidence in his own genius makes him arrogant and pugnacious, and he tends to dismiss the opinions of more experienced people.

His intelligence and scientific approach to life make him vulnerable to the utopian concepts of other people or races, even to the extent of betraying his friends. Adric is eager to be accepted by other people because he has no family and no reason to return to his home planet of Alzarius. In turn, the enemies of the Doctor, such as the Master, appreciate how useful the young scholar's skills are to their plans, and Adric can find himself manipulated into working against the Doctor.

Adric's fault is that he can take commands or suggestions too literally, obeying them with studious accruracy. Usually, however, He is a cheerful, good-humored boy who is concerned about the wellbeing of his fellow companions in the TARDIS.

Round-faced Adric has black, neck-length straight hair, a snub nose and brown eyes. He looks about 16 years old. He wears a yellow jerkin with beige sleeves: on the left breast is a red pocket to which is attached a gold-edged, blue, star-shaped badged for mathematical excellence. Beige, baggy trousers complete his attire. He is a native of Exo-space - a negative alternate universe - and a decendant of the rapidly evolving marshmen of the mist planet of Alzarius.

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